Roughest of Drafts: The Primal Hemisphere: Currently Misnamed the Inferior Hemisphere

You know those things in your head that matter so much you can barely get them out?

Well I’ve attached so much significance to this post that it’s like a monkey clinging to a false doll mother.

The idea that there are two separate functions to the brain is actually pretty fucking new. 

A few studies interlace the idea by showing that the right hemisphere is better at music and more emotional aspects of life, including art while the left side of the brain is more of a center for language. 

I think the right side is actually the emotion side of the body and is what is connected to what we call emotion.

You ‘feel’ in emotion in your right and it signals and translates that feeling into the left. This is basically a rationalization.

We do this constantly, even moment of every day that we receive an emotion, which is a fuckton of times.

You go through a breakup and suddenly your emotions are led astray, you feel broken and hurt and need something to rationalize those feelings.

You feel seclusion from a group and need something to help you survive such a feeling, to rationalize the pain.

You tell yourself others still love you, drawing a mind picture of you still fitting it, the left creating the fine motor movement to your emotions.

This becomes complex and deep simply because there’s so much to it. In reality it is pretty simple, the problem is that it isn’t fully proven. We know they are separate in small aspects, but the way they function every day is what I have been analyzing and what you saw in the last post.

It is a concept I want to base my work around, because it also explains mental disorders.

When there is an interference in the way we process and adapt to life.

It explains why people go stale in their bodies as their brains no longer cross hemipsheres, it explains tiny motions of movement in the brain.

I analyze even how coffee provokes the limbic system, how it places the hemispheres into a more fight style of response as it fondles the four Fs.

I watch how when I cheat at work I can feel my ‘rationalizations’ and adaptations change as my resources of the body go towards processing the food rather than thinking.

How the body takes care of itself to live before the mind.

How hallucinations are a fuck up in the blueprints of your mind trying to consolidate across hemispheres and in sleep, but beg out for your body to help it to fix it to notice it…

there’s so much to something so simple…

These concepts have been weeded out to prove that there is a separation, but what of the connection?

I will do a very science like post eventually, but I need to get this one out first so I can tell you of other things. The posts have become so stagnant because of how much revolves on this base post of data.

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